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Freshwater is essential for human life. Affordable and ample freshwater is also essential for our modern world — not just for 6+ billion people to drink, but for the industrial agriculture system that feeds us and the increasingly high-tech manufacturing system that employs and sustains us. Unfortunately, climate change threatens both to reduce available freshwater for expanding cities and agricultural lands that desperately need it. Declining fossil fuels supplies get a lot of attention, but our declining freshwater supplies may well be a bigger and more dangerous challenge.


Bill Rees - Why Degrowth?

length: 35:43   credit: The Extraenvironmentalist

Post Carbon Fellow Bill Rees recorded in April at the Vancouver Degrowth Event on why degrowth is the only realistic path to sustainability.

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Sandra Postel    Sep 19, 2014   

Natural gas rig in the Piceance Basin in Colorado. Fracking in water-stressed areas poses risks to energy producers and communities. Photo: Energy Tomorrow/Creative Commons 2.0. As more data … >>

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Sandra Postel    May 29, 2014   

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Sandra Postel

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