schooling for resilience

Education is about imparting skills for understanding the past and for navigating the future. As the crises of climate change and peak fossil fuels have become increasingly apparent just the last decade, the future suddenly looks a lot different than what we've been expecting. Many institutions are already exploring new directions. They're adding "ecoliteracy", resilience thinking, and green jobs training to curricula. They're building school cafeteria gardens and partnering with local farms to give students hands-on experience with cultivating food.

But these are only the first responses to a very big question: How do we best prepare our children and ourselves for a climate-changing world without cheap oil?


Majora Carter - Growing Green

length: 1:11:36   credit: Boston MOS

Post Carbon Fellow Majora Carter delivers an inspiring lecture at Boston Museum of Science on her work in pioneering solutions to concentrated environmental problems  grounded in a progressive economic development approach.

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  • David Orr

    Fellow, Climate, Education & Communities
  • Zenobia Barlow

    Fellow, Ecological Literacy
    Northern California

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