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Our local communities provide us with some of our most important needs: access to basic materials like food and water; essential services like public safety, transportation infrastructure, and education for our children; and, not least, the social and cultural contexts through which we make sense of the world. We organize in communities to provide for the common good — especially in the face of problems larger than what one person or one family can face.

The complex and interconnected challenges of the 21st century were largely created by what we humans have accomplished by working together for economic and technological progress. We'll need to work together to solve these challenges, and build resilient communities will thrive in this new world of economic, energy and environmental uncertainty.


Meet Ashoka Fellow Janelle Orsi

length: 2:46   credit: Ashoka

Meet new Ashoka Fellow Janelle Orsi. Janelle is Executive Director of Sustainable Economies Law Center, and a Fellow of Post Carbon Institute.

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