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Modern industrial civilization was built on fossil fuel energy, but climate change, overpopulation and resource scarcity require that we find other ways to power our societies — and fast. The energy problems the world faces are too big, too complex, and coming too fast for us to responsibly hope that new technologies or new discoveries will save the day. Unfortunately, the decline of our most important energy source—petroleum—is already underway, and the resulting supply and price volatility will make investment in alternative infrastructure increasingly more difficult.

There are many things we must do to transition away from oil, coal and natural gas, but the most important are these: Reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Use what fossil fuels we have more efficiently. Develop renewable energy sources and technologies. Decentralize energy production so that communities can power themselves from local energy sources.


Conversations with Great Minds: Richard Heinberg

length: 25:40   credit: RT

Richard Heinberg interviewed on RT's Great Minds August 1st, 2014.

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Richard Heinberg    Aug 11, 2014   

Confidential image via shutterstock. Here’s The Script, in four despicable acts: Act 1. Fracking boom goes bust as production from shale gas and tight oil wells stalls out and lurches … >>

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Richard Heinberg    Sep 02, 2014   

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David Hughes

En Perfora, Chico, Perfora, J. David Hughes ha analizado en profundidad e investigado rigurosamente la posibilidad de diversos combustibles no convencionales para generar abundancia energetica. … >>

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Daniel Lerch Richard Heinberg Bill McKibben David Fridley David Hughes Gloria Flora Wes Jackson

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