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Majora Carter is President of Majora Carter Group LLC. Majora simultaneously addresses public health, poverty alleviation, and climate change as one of the nation's pioneers in successful green-collar job training and placement systems. In 2001 she founded Sustainable South Bronx to achieve environmental justice through economically sustainable projects informed by community needs. Her work now includes advising cities, foundations, universities, businesses, and communities around the world on unlocking their green-collar economic potential to benefit everyone.

Majora's vision, drive, and tenacity earned her a MacArthur "Genius" Grant. In 2007 she was named one of Newsweek Magazine's "25 To Watch" and Essence Magazine's "25 most Influential African Americans." The New York Post has named her one of the "50 most influential women in NYC" for two years, and BBC World Service named her "NYC's most influential environmentalist." Majora is a board member of the Widerness Society, SJF Ventures, and CERES. She hosts "The Promised Land" on public radio's Launch Minneapolis, and "Eco-Heroes" on the Sundance Channel.


Home(town) Security

length: 26:46   credit: Conversations | From Penn State   Oct 24, 2013

Majora Carter believes that it’s more productive to call for “Environmental Equality” rather than for the end of “Environmental Racism” in her fight to stop the practice of overburdening poor communities with a disproportionate number of polluting industries. What’s your opinion? Do words matter?


Majora Carter on Community Development

length: 10:35   credit: WUWM   Mar 12, 2012

Majora Carter Majora Carter spoke with WUWM Environmental reporter Susan Bence prior to her address at the Green Energy Summit Milwaukee.

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Majora Carter

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