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Michael Bomford is a research scientist and extension specialist at Kentucky State University, and an adjunct faculty member in the University of Kentucky Department of Horticulture. His work focuses on organic and sustainable agriculture systems suitable for adoption by small farms operating with limited resources. His projects examine practical ways to reduce food system energy use and meet farm energy needs using renewable resources produced on-farm. Michael has a Master of Pest Management from Simon Fraser University, and a PhD in Plant and Soil Sciences from West Virginia University, where he conducted research on one of the nation's first land grant university farms operated entirely according to national organic standards.


Reality Report: Michael Bomford Interview

length: 57:28   credit: Reality Reportdownload   Jun 16, 2009

What does a modern, productive food system without fossil fuels look like and how might we get there? In this episode of The Reality Report, host Jason Bradford speaks with Michael Bomford of Kentucky State University. Mike discusses his research on the energy and labor inputs of different farming methods and covers much of the information contained in the booklet The Food and Farming Transition co-authored with Richard Heinberg.

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Michael Bomford

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Michael Bomford  

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