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Michael Shuman is director of research for Cutting Edge Capital, director of research and economic development at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He holds an AB with distinction in economics and international relations from Stanford University and a JD from Stanford Law School. He has led community-based economic-development efforts across the country and has authored or edited seven previous books, including The Small Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition (2006), Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in the Global Age (1998) and Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Acheive Real Prosperity

In recent years, Michael has led community-based economic-development efforts in St. Lawrence County (NY), Hudson Valley (NY), Katahdin Region (ME), Martha's Vineyard (MA), and Carbondale (CO), and served as a senior editor for the recently published Encyclopedia of Community. He has given an average of more than one invited talk per week for 25 years throughout the United States and the world.

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Michael Shuman Brisbane 2012

length: 54:49   credit: Energising Communities   Jan 14, 2013

Leading American economist, attorney, author, entrepreneur and advocate for local business, Michael Shuman toured Australia in September. Shuman is the author of Local Dollars, Local Sense.


Locally Invested

length: 1:00   credit: The Extraenvironmentalist   May 06, 2014

On Extraenvironmentalist #77 we talk about developing an investment paradigm for the future that’s rooted in local business and healthy food, first with Michael Shuman of Cutting Edge Capital and author of Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity. We ask Michael about ways to invest locally that have the potential for better returns on capital and community cohesion while getting thoughts on the coming revolution in crowdfunding.

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Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money From Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity

Michael Shuman

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press coverage

Shuman on 'investment apartheid' at Powell Tribune

Michael Shuman  

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