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William Ryerson is founder and President of Population Media Center, and President of the Population Institute. He has a 38-year history of working in the field of reproductive health, including two decades of experience adapting the Sabido methodology for behavior change communications to various cultural settings worldwide. He has also been involved in the design of research to measure the effects of such projects in a number of countries, one of which led to a series of publications regarding a serialized radio drama in Tanzania and its effects on HIV/AIDS avoidance and family planning use. In 2006, he was awarded the Nafis Sadik Prize for Courage from the Rotarian Action Group on Population and Development. William received a B.A. in Biology (Magna Cum Laude) from Amherst College and an M.Phil. in Biology from Yale University.


Profile: Bill Ryerson

length: 27:46   credit: Vermont Public Television   Feb 25, 2011

Fran Stoddard visits with Post Carbon Fellow Bill Ryerson of Shelburne, Vt. Ryerson runs Population Media Center, an organization that helps create serial dramas to promote behavior change in countries around the world.

Originally broadcast 01/16/2011.



length: 52:00   credit: KQED Radio - Forumdownload   Jun 01, 2010

There's a consensus that Earth doesn't have enough resources to support the world's growing population -- but there's disagreement about the root of the problem. Some think the problem lies with the growing third world, others that it is the consumption habits of the developed nations that cause the problem. This program brings together William Ryerson, president of Population Media Center and population fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, Julia Whitty, environmental correspondent for Mother Jones and author of "Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean" and Kavita Ramdas, president and CEO of Global Fund for Women in discussion.

Photo credit: twose /flickr

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