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Hughes quoted at Bloomberg on shale gas

David Hughes   2014-04-22

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this editorial at Bloomberg questioning assumptions around US energy independence. From the article: The problems arise when you look at how … >>

Snake Oil reviewed at Dissident Voice

Richard Heinberg   2014-04-10

Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg's book Snake Oil was reviewed at Dissident Voice. From the review: Snake Oil also debunks the flimsy economic hype used to promote other methods of … >>

Hughes quoted at Global Research

David Hughes   2014-04-10

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article on replacing Russian gas with US shale gas. From the article: A useful summary of the shale gas illusion comes from a recent analysis … >>

Shuman book reviewed at CSR Wire

Michael Shuman   2014-04-09

Post Carbon Fellow Michael Shuman's PCI Resilience Guide, Local Dollars, Local Sense, was reviewed at Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire. From the article: Shuman’s book details … >>

Hughes quoted at Vox

David Hughes   2014-04-09

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes Drill Baby Drill? report was quoted this article on the prospects for US oil independence. From the article: But how likely is this? As the EIA explains at … >>

Hughes quoted in LA Times on Monterey shale

David Hughes   2014-04-06

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes, and author of the report Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale, was quoted in the LA times. From the article: David Hughes, a geoscientist … >>

Carter featured as one of 25 women to know at Majic

Majora Carter   2014-04-02

Post Carbon Fellow Majora Carter was featured in this article on education as a gamechanger. From the article: Growing up in the South Bronx is what drove Majora Carter away from her … >>

Hughes presentation on Monterey shale reported at San Francisco Bay Guardian

David Hughes   2014-04-01

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes' presentation on the propects for the Monterey shale play, as detailed in his Post Carbon report Drilling California, was reported in the San Francisco Bay … >>

Hughes Drilling California report in Sunset Magazine

David Hughes   2014-03-25

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes report Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale was quoted in this feature on prospects for the Monterey shale at Sunset Magazine. From the … >>

Erica Allen interviewed at the Chicago Sun-Times

Erika Allen   2014-03-14

Post Carbon Fellow Erica Allen was interviewed in the Chicago Sun-Times about her work creating community based food systems. From the article: I grew up on a 120-acre farm, scary farming, … >>