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Orr on climate change in Scarlett & Black

February 10, 2017

Post Carbon Fellow David Orr’s address on ‘Climate Change and the Crisis of American Democracy’ at Grinnel College was reported in this article. From the article: For Orr, the issue of climate change is political, but it is not...


McKibben on climate and Trump in Wired

January 23, 2017

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben’s article on taking action on climate change in a Trump Presidency was published in Wired Magazine. From the article: When Trump announced on the campaign trail that he would “cancel” the Paris agreement, it represented...


Orr interview at Times Higher Education

January 6, 2017

Post Carbon Fellow David Orr was asked about the books that have inspired him in the Times Higher Education Books Interview. From the interview: Which were the key books that raised your awareness of ecological issues and spurred you...


Collins on ending inequality at Marketplace

December 22, 2016

Post Carbon Fellow Chuck Collin’s book was featured in this article at Marketplace. From the article: Collins, author of the book “Born on Third Base” and a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, has since studied income...