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McKibben on Arctic Drilling at Grist

August 31, 2015

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben reminded President Obama that physics doesn’t negotiate in this article published on Grist. From the article: Now, presidents can’t do everything physics demands on climate change. For one thing, Republicans get in the way....


Carter inviewed in Ebony

July 21, 2015

Post Carbon Fellow Majora Carter was interviewed in Ebony about her social enterprise work. From the interview: EBONY: Do you see this work you’ve done and that you’re doing now as being on a continuum? MC: Yes. For me,...


Hughes LNG op-ed in the Vancouver Sun

July 17, 2015

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ op ed on the prospects for a liquid natural gas export bonanza in Canada was published in the Vancouver Sun. From the article: The fact the B.C. government is grossly exaggerating the amount of...


Afterburn reviewed at Street Roots News

July 14, 2015

Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg’s book Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels was reviewed at Street Roots News. From the review: Richard Heinberg’s “Afterburn” — despite being a collection of talks and essays — lays out in lucid, reasonable and...