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Has oil peaked?

Richard Heinberg

Last month, the world’s 4th largest oil company—BP—predicted that the world will never again consume as much petroleum as it did last year. So, have we finally hit peak oil? And if so, what does that mean for our...

David Hughes’ Shale Reality Check 2019

Asher Miller

1.9 million. 13 trillion. 10 billion. These are the numbers that jumped off the page when I read PCI Fellow David Hughes’s latest “shale reality check” report on the U.S. government’s forecasts of domestic oil and gas production. To...


Our Bonus Decade

Richard Heinberg

“The sense of security more frequently springs from habit than from conviction, and for this reason it often subsists after such a change in the conditions as might have been expected to suggest alarm. The lapse of time during...

2016 Shale Reality Check: Web Presentation

David Hughes

In this recording, David Hughes, author of a series of groundbreaking reports analyzing the long-term prospects of the so-called “shale revolution” shares some of the key findings from his latest reports: The 2016 Shale Gas Reality Check and 2016...

2016 Shale Gas Reality Check

David Hughes

In 2014, Earth Scientist David Hughes took a hard look at the EIA’s existing Annual Energy Outlook shale gas and tight oil forecasts and conducted his own play-by-play, in-depth analysis to create the groundbreaking report, Drilling Deeper. In Drilling Deeper,...