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June 20, 2023
10:00 am
Online Event , 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM Pacific Time

Those of us who care about the fate of younger generations and the more-than-human world know that the warnings of the last few decades have largely fallen on deaf ears. Post Carbon Institute turns 20 this year, a milestone that has prompted us to reflect on what’s transpired since our founding in 2003. Some events surprised us (the way cheap credit and fracking postponed Peak Oil). Some rattled us (the pandemic). And some were sadly predictable (the inability of our institutions to transition away from fossil fueled-growth). While the world has experienced tremendous change and destabilization in the last two decades, it looks certain that the next 20 years will be marked by even greater environmental and societal (poly)crisis  – what the great environmental philosopher Joanna Macy calls the “Great Unraveling.” 

Join PCI’s Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg and Rachel Donald, journalist, educator, and host of the Planet: Critical podcast, for this anniversary webinar. Richard will lead a discussion about what we’ve learned from the last 20 years and Rachel will shine a light on what the next 20 years could hold.

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Richard Heinberg is Post Carbon Institute’s Senior Fellow and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels. His newest book Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival (2021) was named one of Bloomberg’s Best Books of 2021 and traces how humans have come to overpower the earth’s natural systems and oppress one another with catastrophic implications.

Rachel Donald is a climate corruption journalist investigating why the world is in crisis—and what to do about it. She is the creator of Planet: Critical, a podcast and newsletter probing the systems driving the polycrisis with subscribers in more than 125 countries. She is also a sought-after speaker on the intersection of narratives and systems. Alongside Planet: Critical, Rachel’s world exclusives have been featured in The Guardian, The Intercept and New Republic


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Published May 25, 2023