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Asher Miller Speaks at Corvallis Sustainability Event

March 14, 2018

Post Carbon Institute Executive Director Asher Miller spoke at the 10th annual Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Fair and Town Hall about creating a resilient community in the face of climate change challenges.

From the article:

Miller, the Post Carbon Institute executive director, moved to Corvallis from Santa Rosa last June when the institute relocated to Corvallis. Miller also is serving on the city’s Climate Action Advisory Board, while facilitator Annette Mills of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is providing project management services to the board.

Miller, who spoke for just more than half an hour, told the audience that Corvallis “is not a post carbon or resilient community quite yet, but don’t feel bad … no other community is there yet either.”

“We have a really big task ahead of us,” Miller continued. “Sometimes I look at things and say ‘this is too hard.’ But we don’t have a choice. It’s inevitable that we are going to have to transition away from fossil fuels. But are we going to do it mindfully or will we do it kicking and screaming?”

Miller showed an aerial photograph of his former town, Santa Rosa, which was devastated by fires last October. Miller noted that Sonoma County is known for having solid sustainability practices, yet after the fire, ordinances were enacted that streamlined the permit process, making it easier for folks to rebuild … in the fire zone.

“That upsets me,” Miller said. “People in a moment of crisis just want to get back to what is normal. But it’s not about bouncing back to normal when normal is no longer an option.”