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Collins on how to reverse inequality in Yes! Magazine

September 22, 2017

Post Carbon Board Member Chuck Collins was interviewed on reversing inequality in this article in Yes! Magazine.

From the article:


Collins: When I talk to business groups, I point out that if you care about free market capitalism, these inequalities are distorting and undermining healthy capitalism. Peter Georgescu, the former CEO of an advertising agency, wrote this book Capitalists, Arise!, saying these inequalities are bad for business—unless you’re a monopoly capitalist, unless you’re a beneficiary of a rigged economy.

We need to think about a system beyond this kind of hyper-extractive capitalism. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional bugaboo of communism, state ownership, centralized planning, you know, everybody’s images of the “red menace,” as you described it there. There’s a patchwork of solutions that would protect the commons and even strengthen independent private enterprises at the local level.

It’s also an invitation to not think of it just in terms of communism versus capitalism, socialism versus capitalism. Think about, what are the elements of the next system that move us away from the extreme inequality system?