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Collins op-ed on the America’s racial wealth divide in Newsweek

February 4, 2019

Post Carbon Board Member Chuck Collin’s op-ed, jointly written with Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, was published in Newsweek. In the article Chuck and Dedrick propose policy solutions to close the racial wealth gap.

From the article:

How can we combat that inequality? We maintain that creating a more equitable economic system for everyone requires bold policy ideas to close the racial wealth divide.

Such policies could include the expansion of first-time homeownership programs for those that have been historically excluded from building housing wealth by discrimination in mortgage programs. Homes are the single biggest source of wealth for ordinary families, but nlack families were left out of the postwar housing boom almost entirely. Down payment assistance and favorable tax treatment for first-time buyers could narrow this gap considerably.

Additional initiatives to reduce the $1.5 trillion in student debt—like loan forgiveness, interest rate adjustments, or more ambitious programs for debt-free university access—would assist young people to save, build wealth, and invest in homes and enterprises.