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Dietz interviewed by getAbstract

September 14, 2020

Post Carbon Program Director Rob Dietz argues why you shouldn’t believe that unrestricted growth followed by immense consumption and productivity is beneficial to our society in this interview with getAbstract.

From the interview:

An economy of “enough” recognizes the realities of both the physical environment and human well-being. There are environmental limits to growth, as evidenced by humanity’s experience with how overgrowth is causing global warming, rampant biodiversity loss, and deteriorating health from pollution. There are also limits to the positive effects of obtaining material goods and plenty of negative consequences caused by devotion to consumerism. By striking the balance between prosperity and sustainability, an economy of enough seeks to meet human needs without overshooting the bounds of nature. Such an economy offers opportunities for meaningful connection to nature and supports values like equality, community and generosity.