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Gilding quoted in Washington Post article on Australian LNG

February 25, 2020

Post Carbon Fellow Paul Gilding was quoted in this article in the Washington Post on Australia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

From the article:

“The Australian debate is dominated by the idea that acting on climate change is bad for our economy,” said Paul Gilding, onetime head of Greenpeace who now teaches at the University of Cambridge and lives in the Australian island state of Tasmania.

But Gilding, who advises businesses on climate change, and other political observers say that the devastating wildfires will alter perceptions of the economy and climate change by damaging the tourism business, disrupting other parts of the economy. And they think the fires will tie fossil fuels more closely with greenhouse gas emissions…

Gilding said that growing concern about climate change will undercut the appetite for all fossil fuels, including LNG.

“Once you flip that, the debate changes,” he said. “I think it will change the politics. It’s going to become toxic to invest or lend to the coal and LNG companies. There’s going to be a push by the activist community against the banks and financiers not to associate with those companies.”

Gilding said “those projects won’t stop because of climate change but because of market change.”