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Heinberg on choosing sides in Renewable Matter magazine

July 25, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg’s column on moving from the economic growth to the ecological world view was published at Renewable Matter magazine.

From the article:

In every age a worldview arises that helps people make sense of their lives and their surroundings. During the brief fossil-fuelled industrial era, humanity adopted a worldview centred on worship of technology and the goal of economic growth. But today the seeds of a new and different worldview are germinating, invisible to most.

The ecological worldview is the inevitable human response to climate change, and it represents a moral and ethical revolution. The ecological mind looks for systemic links between phenomena. It has planetary scope but is locally rooted and adapted. As it branches out and unfurls its leaves, the nature-centred way of thinking throws into doubt a host of culturally reinforced assumptions.