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Hopkins on steps to sustainability at Vice

April 8, 2019

Post Carbon Fellow Rob Hopkins was asked to suggest 10 steps to make your town more sustainable at Vice.

From the article:

With the Earth’s temperature rising at an alarming rate, Hopkins’ work has never been more crucial—so I asked him for ten tips on how to make our towns more sustainable.

1: Start a Transition Group
“There’s a really good guide that we created called ‘The Essential Guide to Doing Transition.’ It’s free and is a simple starter kit where we’ve tried to distill everything that we’ve learned from 12 years of this experiment. Just get a few people together, watch a couple of good films about Transition and say: ‘Could we do that here?’ And, if so, ‘Where would we begin?’ The guide offers a great starting point and way of doing that.”

2: Ask Your Local Government to Declare a Climate Emergency
“We are now in a climate and an extinction emergency. In the last 50 years we’ve lost nearly 70 percent of all the creatures we share this planet with—all exterminated. Scientists call it the sixth mass extinction, and this is the time that we’re now living through. Manchester City Council and lots of others are now declaring a climate emergency, saying that this needs to be the lens in which we look at everything we do through.”…