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Hughes Canada energy report quoted in Vancouver Sun

January 19, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes report on Canada’s energy requirements was quoted in this article on TransCanada’s North Montney Mainline gas pipeline plans.

From the article:

TransCanada is forging ahead with a revamped plan to build a $1.4-billion North Montney Mainline gas pipeline despite the death of the LNG project in northwest B.C. that had underpinned its construction.

The pipeline project — now aimed at the North American market — enters National Energy Board hearings next week…

…A report commissioned by the Saulteau First Nation — and filed with the NEB — concludes the pipeline project “is surplus to Canadian requirements and therefore this variance application should be denied.”

The report, written by Canadian energy analyst David Hughes, said TransCanada has overestimated U.S. natural gas demand and overestimated North Montney production. “There is also unlikely to be a price bonanza in the U.S. for Canadian exports, given that U.S. domestic production is projected to be sufficient to cover all domestic supply plus expanding exports,” said Hughes.