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Hughes Drilling Deeper report featured at AlJazeera

November 10, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ report for PCI Drilling Deeper: A Reality Check on US Government Forecasts For a Lasting Tight Oil and Shale Gas Boom was featured in this article at AlJazeera America.

From the article:

In his 2012 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said that the U.S. had a supply of natural gas “that can last America nearly 100 years.”

But that unbridled optimism, shared by the natural gas industry as well as politicians who want to see the U.S. become more energy independent, is worrying a growing group of activists and analysts who say U.S. oil and gas production may start declining in a matter of years as drillers run out of sweet spots in U.S. shale reserves and are forced to explore less productive — and less lucrative — regions.

“Most of the wells right now are going into sweet spots,” said David Hughes, who authored a report released this week on the future of oil and gas production from the Post Carbon Institute, a green energy think tank. “You’re going to have to go into other parts of the reservoir eventually.”

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