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Hughes Edmonton Journal op-ed on pipeline ads

February 25, 2019

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes op-ed on the the Alberta government’s ad campaign for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was published in the Edmonton Journal.

From the article:

A third ad tells us:

“The Trans Mountain Pipeline will generate billions in revenue to fund innovation and clean technology, speeding our country’s transition to a greener energy future. Expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline provides billions for innovation and clean technology.”

The rhetoric comes right out of George Orwell’s playbook.

Trans Mountain will lose $5 per barrel selling oil to Asia compared to oil shipped via U.S.-bound pipelines under development. And, it will provide few permanent jobs while putting marine habitats at risk in Canada’s most-populated port city.

The Alberta government’s ad campaign has cost at least $23 million to convince the public that it is doing something for the oil and gas industry.