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Hughes report quoted in Bakken review by Mason Inman

November 19, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ report for PCI Drilling Deeper: A Reality Check on US Government Forecasts For a Lasting Tight Oil and Shale Gas Boom was widely quoted in this article by Mason Inman at Beacon Reader on the prospects for shale oil in the Bakken.

From the article:

I’ve collected a variety of forecasts for production from the Bakken oil formation, which is mostly in the state of North Dakota, but also stretches west into Montana and north into Canada. These forecasts are all for the U.S. side of the formation…

Hughes’ forecasts are the most transparent I’ve seen, in that he spells out his assumptions more clearly than anyone else. He does his own analysis of the average decline of production of wells in each play (and in smaller regions within each play). However, he doesn’t do an economic analysis, explaining in his October 2014 report “Drilling Deeper”…