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McKibben op-ed on local resistance in The Nation

January 18, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben’s op-ed on local resistance to President Trump’s climate policies appeared in The Nation.

From the article:

Whenever progress is blocked in Washington, the pressure for progress always finds other outlets. During the George W. Bush administration, for instance, environmentalists looked to state and local governments for action on climate change, and the result was a slew of commitments that helped build the renewable-energy industry. The same thing is happening now—even more so. With the utter hostility to science on display in Washington, we’re all working hard to persuade cities and states to uphold the Paris climate accord by committing to 100 percent renewable energy. Pioneered by the Sierra Club and joined by groups like 350.org, this drive has had notable success: It’s not just the Berkeleys and the Madisons that have made the promise, but Salt Lake City and San Diego and Atlanta. The day Trump shamed the nation by withdrawing from the climate accord—proclaiming that he’d been elected to govern “Pittsburgh, not Paris”—the mayor of Pittsburgh announced that his city would go 100 percent renewable. That remains one of the high points of the year’s broad resistance.