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Miller interviewed on Nice Work! podcast

March 31, 2020

Post Carbon Executive Director Asher Miller was interviewed on the Nice Work! podcast by the Super Nice Club.

This is quite a ride! Asher is the Executive Director of nonprofit think tank Post Carbon Institute, Asher and PCI quite literally are working on a goal no less ambitious than SAVING THE MF WORLD. For you, for me, but mostly for our children and their children. And the rest of the living creatures, of course. A vegan-hating communist, Asher takes us on a helluva trip sure to please fans/devotees of Jeff Bezos, Lenny Bruce, Rex Tillerson, Gene Wilder, Richard Heinberg, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Friedman Mel Brooks and others. Did we mention that he’s trying to save the world? Thinking that’s a pretty good hook.