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Miller quoted on California shale at Bloomberg

May 29, 2014

drilling-california-300Post Carbon Executive Director Asher Miller was quoted in this article on the EIA’s California shale oil write down.

From the article:

As it happens, the Post Carbon Institute, a California sustainability consultancy, suspected that the EIA/Intek estimates were so far off it conducted an exhaustive analysis of its own, publishing a critique of the official calculations back in December…

In the view of Asher Miller, the executive director of the Post Carbon Institute, missing the mark by 96 percent suggests that someone, at the very least, was being sloppy — particularly given that shale underlying the Monterey play was long understood as distinct from other shale formations. These sorts of flubs, he says, hinder the discourse on America’s real and difficult energy choices, including finding alternatives to fossil fuels.

“Their estimates and forecasts drive public perception and policymaking,” Miller said of the EIA. “I believe that the analysts at the EIA truly want to do the best possible job and are surprised when their analysis is used for political means. But it is. They put out an embarrassing estimate that sent California on a wild goose chase for three years.”

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