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Perl quoted on CBC on post-pandemic transport

June 8, 2020

Post Carbon Fellow Anthony Perl was quoted in this article on CBC on why public transit will be needed more than ever post-pandemic.

From the article:

Scientists still have a lot of questions about how COVID-19 spreads. But many agree that the risk of contagion increases with the amount of time spent indoors or in a confined space with others.

Perl thinks one solution to making transit safer is to make buses faster through measures like dedicated bus lanes, alternating stops and removing parking lanes.

“This is about increasing productivity and increasing the capacity of the transit system without increasing the cost,” he said.

One of the main reasons why Perl doesn’t think people will rush out to buy a new car is simple: they’re expensive.

And with a downturn in the economy expected by some to last far beyond the pandemic, Perl doesn’t think people are likely to blow thousands of dollars on a car anytime soon.