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Postel at Tuscon Festival of Books in Arizona Star

February 14, 2019

Post Carbon Fellow Sandra Postel’s appearance at the Tuscon Festival of Books was picked up in the Arizona Daily Star.

From the article:

Do you love technology, but have trouble making it work? Is science more confusing than useful? Do science and technology make you feel less than the brilliant person you know you are?

No one is good at everything, and not being good at science doesn’t mean you aren’t brilliant. However, these presentations at the Tucson Festival of Books can make science and technology a little more approachable.

Authors Vince Beiser, Alanna Mitchell and Sandra Postel discuss how water and sand, two of the most important resources on earth, are used, traded and sometimes stolen in “What is Happening to Our Water and Sand?” at 1 p.m. March 2 at the Science City Main Stage.