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Rob Dietz interviewed by The Business Station

February 9, 2021

Rob Dietz—PCI Program Director and co-host of Crazy Town—was interviewed by BFM: The Business Station about his thoughts on President Biden’s plans for climate change and environmental justice for their Earth Matters program.

Episode description:

In his first day as President of the USA, Joe Biden overturned his twice-impeached predecessor’s actions on the environment, by rejoining the Paris climate accord, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, revoking oil and gas development at national wildlife monuments, and directing agencies to review and reverse more than 100 actions on the environment by the previous administration. What more can we expect from the Biden administration, in terms of environmental justice? We speak to author and economist Rob Dietz, who co-authored the book “Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources” and who is the Program Director at the US-based Post Carbon Institute.