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What if we really are hitting the “Limits to Growth?”

In 1972, the bestselling environmental book of all time—The Limits to Growth—presented the results of a computer simulation that looked at trends in global population, resource consumption, economic activity, and pollution. The study found that the economy and human population were unlikely to grow beyond the end of 21st century, and might contract well before then.

Despite aggressive attacks from some corners and the general ignorance/denial of policymakers and the public, we appear to be tracking the standard-run scenario of The Limits to Growth.

Post Carbon Institute believes that the energy, environmental, economic, and equity challenges (the E4 crises) we face are interrelated facets of one essential truth: the planet can no longer support our growing numbers, economic activity, and material/resource consumption. We are, in essence, hitting the Limits to Growth.

Post Carbon Institute helps people connect the dots between the E4 crises and proposes systems-wide changes to address the Limits to Growth.


Post Carbon Institute’s Limits to Growth work includes:

  • Research and publications that explore the real-world manifestations of the limits to growth in various sectors of society.
  • Creative storytelling, presentations, and essays that challenge our dangerous addiction to growth.

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