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Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience

Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience

Efforts to build community resilience often focus on growing the capacity to “bounce back” from disruptions, like those caused by climate change. But climate change is not the only crisis we face, nor is preparing for disruption the only way to build resilience. Truly robust community resilience should do more. It should engage and benefit all community members, […]

Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense: A Handbook for Investors, Businesses, Finance Professionals, and Everybody Else

A growing local economy movement is putting down roots in the United States and around the world, as people work to strengthen local businesses, promote “buy local” campaigns, and end subsidies and other unfair advantages given to nonlocal businesses. Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense by Michael Shuman and Gwendolyn Hallsmith profiles 28 local investment tools for grassroots investors, businesses, finance professionals, and others—with examples of how these ideas are being realized today in Vermont, the state with the strongest local economy movement in the country.

Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels

Climate change, along with the depletion of oil, coal, and gas, dictate that we will inevitably move away from our profound societal reliance on fossil fuels; but just how big a transformation will this be? While many policy-makers assume that renewable energy sources will provide an easy “plug-and-play” solution, author Richard Heinberg suggests instead that […]

Resilient Against What?

This survey found that leading US municipalities already have a more sophisticated understanding of resilience, involving economic, energy, and social challenges—and they’re putting it into action through policies, regulations, and programs.

What We're For

What We’re For

We envision a bold leap toward a future energy economy that fosters beauty and health; that is resilient because it emphasizes renewable, community-scale energy generation; that supports durable economies, not growth; and that is informed by nature’s wisdom. Recognizing that all human economic activity is a subset of nature’s economy and must not degrade its […]