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What Can Communities Do?

Resilience: What Can Communities Do?

Community matters when we are looking for responses to peak oil and climate change because of the power that emerges from working together and creating meaningful change through shared action. In a world where social capital and a sense of connection to community are in decline, it is the taking of practical action that enables […]

Growing Community Food Systems

Growing Community Food Systems

The idea of a community food system is much larger than just urban farming. It deals with everything, all the components that are needed to establish, maintain, and perpetually sustain a civilization. Urban farming is key in the reclamation of an Earth and ecology-based value system, and it plays an important role: We need urban […]

Smart Decline in Post-Carbon Cities

Smart Decline

In 2002, after decades of trying to restart economic development like most other Rust Belt cities, Youngstown made a radical change in approach. The city began devising a transformative plan to encourage some neighborhoods to keep emptying and their vegetation to return. The plan, still early in its implementation as we write (March 2010), would […]

Community Resilience: Personal Preparation

Resilience: Personal Preparation

My “standard of living” is a fraction of what it formerly was, but my quality of life has never been higher. We live in a house less than half the size of our former house, my beloved boat is gone, and we have a garden and chickens in the backyard. Peering in from the outside […]

The Food and Farming Transition: Toward a Post Carbon Food System

How can we continue feeding humanity in a future of declining resources and environmental crisis? This report explores the growing vulnerabilities of the current food system, and the steps needed to transition to a post-carbon food system. Translations »  Italian / Italiano (by volunteers from Transition Italia, ASPO Italia, and Circolo MDF Roma) »  Albanian […]