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Drilling Deeper

Drilling Deeper analyzes actual production data from the top 12 shale gas and tight oil plays (accounting for 88% and 89% of current production) to show that the Department of Energy’s projections for the future of fracking are wildly optimistic.

Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale

Written by PCI Fellow J. David Hughes and published in partnership by Post Carbon Institute and Physicians, Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, this report provides the first publicly available empirical analysis of actual oil production data from the Monterey Formation, including from wells that have undergone hydraulic fracturing and acidization.

Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future

The rapid spread of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) has temporarily boosted US natural gas and oil production… and sparked a massive environmental backlash in communities across the country. The fossil fuel industry is trying to sell fracking as the biggest energy development of the century, with slick promises of American energy independence and benefits to local […]

Perfora, Chico, Perfora (Spanish Translation of Drill, Baby, Drill)

This is a translation of the Post Carbon Report Drill Baby Drill. En Perfora, Chico, Perfora, J. David Hughes ha analizado en profundidad e investigado rigurosamente la posibilidad de diversos combustibles no convencionales para generar abundancia energetica. Aunque el informe se centra principalmente en cuestiones relacionadas con la producción del gas y el petróleo de […]

Oil Shale Development

Oil Shale Development: Looming Threat to Western Wildlands

Oil shales, if they live up to proponents’ expectations and can be produced commercially, could change the economic and political fortunes of the United States and transform the geopolitical map of the world. But any large-scale effort to exploit oil shales will threaten wildlife habitat and water quality, and exacerbate climate change. This is a […]