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Taking Meaningful Action in a Time of Crisis Event

March 27, 2019

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On April 3rd, Nick Tilsen, Sarah Peters, and Tim DeChristopher will share their personal answers to the central question of our time: In the face of climate change and other crises, what do I do?

I hope you can join us.

We reached out to Sarah, Nick, and Tim both because we find their stories inspirational and informative, and because they’ve taken bold steps in one of three primary spheres of action (beyond building personal resilience) we at Post Carbon Institute believe are critical:

  1. Opposing the locking-in of future greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Engaging politically.
  3. Building community resilience.

Tim DeChristopher opposed fossil fuel extraction on public lands and paid the price with his freedom. He now helps lead the Climate Disobedience Center.

Sarah Peters is an environmental engineer who recently ran and won a seat in the Nevada State Assembly on a climate change platform.

Nick Telsen leads the NDN Collective to help (re)build the strength, resilience, and sustainability of the diverse tribal nations in the United States, building upon a decade of work in his native Oglala Lakota Nation.

Opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure, running for political office, and building regenerative, sustainable local economies are not mutually exclusive, nor are they the only ways to take meaningful action in these urgent times.

Sarah, Tim, and Nick will share with us in a live and interactive web video conversation what compelled them to act, why they chose to act in the particular way they have, and what lessons they’ve learned that each of us can apply to take meaningful action in our own lives.

Their stories may sound remarkable, but they will be the first to say that each and every one of us can—and must—take action in our own way right now to save ourselves and the planet.

You can find details about the event and how you can join here. Funds raised from the event will support Post Carbon Institute’s efforts to inspire, educate, and support many more people to respond with urgency and boldness to the defining challenges of our time.

If you can’t join us on April 3rd, you can still listen in afterwards. Just purchase tickets or send in a donation of at least $25 before April 15 and we’ll send you an exclusive link to access a video recording of the event.  (If making a donation is beyond your means right now and you would like to participate, please let us know.)