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The Community Resilience Reader interview – Go Green Radio

July 12, 2018

[CRR cover]Virtually every American city and town has an insurmountable backlog of infrastructure maintenance and replacement. In addition, cities from coast to coast are grappling with the worsening effects of climate change, such as stronger storms and greater temperature and precipitation extremes. After the unexpected devastation of Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, the popular notion took hold that cities needed to build their resilience—specifically, to be able to “bounce back” from the future impacts of worsening climate change. Communities are the ideal level of focus for building resilience because the particular powers held at the state and local government levels in the United States make this kind of work possible and because regular people can most effectively be involved at this level. Hear Post Carbon Institute’s Daniel Lerch talk with Go Green Radio host Jill Buck about the Community Resilience Reader.