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The Future Looks Bleak For Coal And We Shouldn’t Invest In It

Anthony Perl Jul 23, 2014   

In the transition towards a post-carbon future, infrastructure built today for fossil fuels could easily become stranded assets which burden investors and taxpayers with … >>

Two Realities

Richard Heinberg Jul 22, 2014   

Our contemporary world is host to two coexisting but fundamentally different—and, in at least one crucial respect, contradictory—realities. Political Reality and Physical Reality. >>

West-Slope Colorado Towns Restore Local Flows, Even as Thirsty Front-Range Lawns Drink From their Rivers

Sandra Postel and Todd Reeve Jul 15, 2014   

When residents in Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains turn on their sprinklers to irrigate lawns, they rarely think about the fate of fish in the headwaters of the Colorado River on the other side of the Continental Divide. >>

Changing People's Minds about Fossil Fuels

Bill McKibben Jul 11, 2014   

Word came recently that both the Philadelphia Quakers and the Unitarian General Assembly have decided to divest from fossil fuels. It followed by few weeks the news that … >>

Along the Rio Grande, An Innovative Water Market Restores Riverside Habitat

Sandra Postel Jul 8, 2014   

With rivers in the American Southwest dammed, diverted, drought-stricken and running dry, their fate is increasingly in human hands. >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: Iraq on the Precipice

Tom Whipple Jun 27, 2014   

The daily newspapers are now full of stories predicting that Iraq, as we know it, will soon disintegrate into three or more warring states. >>

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Perl op-ed on coal risk at Vancouver Sun

Anthony Perl    Jul 20, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow Anthony Perl's op-ed arguing against … >>

Hughes in Newsweek article on possible shale bubble

David Hughes    Jul 14, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this … >>

Hughes in Tyee article on shale gas

David Hughes    Jun 27, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article … >>

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Start Sharing: Annie Leonard interviews Janelle Orsi (audio)

20:49    Jul 23, 2014

Download on iTunes In this episode of The Good Stuff, … >>

Meet Ashoka Fellow Janelle Orsi

2:46    Jun 17, 2014

Meet new Ashoka Fellow Janelle Orsi. Janelle is Executive … >>

Our Energy Reality (audio)

   Jun 13, 2014

A teleseminar with Richard Heinberg: Senior Fellow of Post … >>

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