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The Peak Oil Crisis: When?

Tom Whipple Aug 25, 2014   

The key question is just how many more months or years production of U.S. tigh toil will continue to grow. >>

Just How "Legal" Are Seed Libraries?

Janelle Orsi Aug 15, 2014   

After the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture cracked down on a community seed library, hundreds of seed libraries in the U.S. are suddenly wondering if they are breaking the law. >>

Blame the Environmentalists

Richard Heinberg Aug 11, 2014   

It's fairly clear that the fracking bubble will burst soon—almost certainly within the decade. >>

Groundwater Depletion in Colorado River Basin Poses Big Risk to Water Security

Sandra Postel Aug 5, 2014   

Let’s step back for a minute and consider the implications of the study released last week on the depletion of groundwater in the Colorado River Basin. >>

What You Said

Ken White Jul 31, 2014   

As part of Post Carbon Institute’s strategic planning process, we asked for your advice on how we might refine our approach, and better position our efforts. >>

New Russia Sanctions: Washington, Delusional About US Energy Capacity, Lashes Out

Richard Heinberg Jul 30, 2014   

The effect of the sanctions will be to speed the Russian decline, forcing up world oil prices as soon as US tight oil maxes out and goes into its inevitable nosedive. >>

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McKibben on IPCC leaked report and climate policy at Democracy Now!

Bill McKibben    Aug 28, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on … >>

Hughes quoted on US shale in the Financial Times

David Hughes    Aug 26, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article … >>

Rebuilding the Foodshed reviewed at Traverse City Record-Eagle

Philip Ackerman-Leist    Jul 25, 2014

The Post Carbon Resilience Guide Rebuilding the Foodshed … >>

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Conversations with Great Minds: Richard Heinberg

25:40    Aug 4, 2014

Richard Heinberg interviewed on RT's Great Minds August … >>

The Converging Environmental and Economic Crises

1:28:57    Jul 29, 2014

PCI Board Member Nate Hagens made this presentation at … >>

Start Sharing: Annie Leonard interviews Janelle Orsi (audio)

20:49    Jul 23, 2014

Download on iTunes In this episode of The Good Stuff, … >>

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