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General Questions


What does Post Carbon Institute do, exactly?
How are your Fellows selected?
Do you have Fellows outside the United States?
What's your relationship with Transition Towns and Transition U.S.?
What's your relationship with Resilience.org?
How can I stay up to date on PCI efforts?
May I have permission to re-post articles that appear on postcarbon.org?
Do you endorse politicians?
Are you liberal? Conservative? Radical?
How can I support your work?

Issues & Definitions


What issues do you work on?
What do you mean by 'post carbon'? Aren't we made of carbon?
What is your position on geoengineering as a response to climate change?

Funding & Donations


Are you a nonprofit? Are my donations tax-deductible?
Where do you get your funding?

Skeptical Inquiries


What's your response to claims that evidence that the climate crisis is not real or has been overblown?
I keep hearing that scientists disagree on whether climate change is real / caused by humans / really all that bad. What's right?

Personal Questions


What does a 'post carbon future' mean for me and my family?

Top Questions Asked at Post Carbon Institute Events


But what about natural gas? I’ve heard we had a 100-year supply. Can’t we use natural gas in place of oil? Won’t natural gas be a good 'bridge fuel' to get us to a green, growing energy economy?
I’ve read about the extraordinary potential for 'tight oil' trapped in low-porosity rocks like shale. Apparently so much of this is coming from North Dakota now that some people are even saying that America could be oil independent within a few years.
What about coal? I heard we have a 250-year supply. Won’t coal keep our economy growing, even if the environmental consequences are awful?
Then what about nuclear? Couldn’t modular/thorium/breeder reactors power the world for centuries?
Isn’t the real problem human population? What’s a truly sustainable human population? Won’t there be a huge die-off?
When I think about all of these challenges, I just get overwhelmed. Where do we go for hope?
I’ve been thinking this way for years. The problem is all those people who don’t 'get it.' How do we convince them?
Isn’t the real problem one of distribution? If wealthy Americans consumed less, there’d be enough for everyone. Similarly, if the “One Percent” weren’t siphoning all the world’s wealth, we’d all be doing fine. Shouldn’t we just be fighting for fairness?
Aren't the oil and car companies sitting on patents for free energy devices of carburetors that get 100 miles per gallon? Can't we solve our energy problems just by defeating these evil corporations?
The problems seem so huge, the solutions so small. How can little efforts like Transition Towns hope to deal with war, resource depletion, and climate change, if national governments can’t?
Innovation has solved problems and opened opportunities for us in the past. Why would you think that innovation can’t solve all our problems now? Don’t we just need to put more money into research?