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The Peak Oil Crisis: A $4 Trillion Hole

August 20, 2015

Last week reporters at the Wall Street Journal sat down and did some arithmetic. They looked at how much oil was selling for in the spring of 2014 (over $100 a barrel); looked at what it is selling for...


Amazing New Energy Source: Introducing TREES

August 20, 2015

Scientists at the Climate/Energy Design and Research institute (CEDAR) have just announced the discovery of an astounding new energy source that promises to solve several of humanity’s thorniest dilemmas at once. “This is a paradigm-shifting moment,” says Dawn O’Newday,...

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The Nation’s Oldest Weekly Channels PCI

August 6, 2015

Yesterday The Nation published a must-read article on how the drop in oil prices is shaking the foundation of the so-called “shale revolution” and how renewable energy is poised to take off. Right now, our fossil-fueled energy path has us on...


Shale Gas Reality Check

July 22, 2015

In October 2014, Post Carbon Institute published the results of what likely remains the most thorough independent analysis of U.S. shale gas and tight oil production ever conducted. The process of drilling for shale gas and tight oil is...