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Farm Journal Entry

Jason Bradford

I’m having a hard time not getting distracted by troublesome thoughts. We’ve got a Supreme Court ready to go with plans to help Trump suppress voting and heavily armed paramilitaries awaiting a call to use violence to keep him in office. Meanwhile, the...

Is the “Great Unraveling” Upon Us?

Asher Miller

Introducing “The Great Unraveling?”, a series of interviews with some of the world’s foremost experts on a broad range of environmental and societal challenges, culminating with a powerful discussion on what these converging and accelerating crises mean, and how...


Has oil peaked?

Richard Heinberg

Last month, the world’s 4th largest oil company—BP—predicted that the world will never again consume as much petroleum as it did last year. So, have we finally hit peak oil? And if so, what does that mean for our...

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Nature Is Intentionally Beautiful

Richard Heinberg

In his essay “Darwin’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful: What’s Musical About Biology and Why Does That Matter?”, Bob Labaree posed four questions about music and nature, which I could summarize as: Are the virtuosic inventions of a virus on...