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What did Sisyphus Dream of?

Rob Hopkins

I feel right now as though we are at, or very close to, the tipping point on these issues, nearing the moment where the gravity begins to change. I have felt, since Extinction Rebellion and the School Strikes began,...

Black swan

COVID-19: The Black Swan is Circling

Richard Heinberg

The key is to prepare not just for disease, but for a broad-scale societal disruption. Consider how you’ll maintain access to food, water, and money during the next few months if things really start to come apart. Even if...

The US Would Be Better Off with Fewer Billionaires

Chuck Collins

When folks say that billionaires shouldn’t exist, it’s nothing personal. Some billionaires are nice enough. Some spend generously on philanthropy. That all sounds great. But we don’t need more do-gooder billionaires that give to charity — we need fewer...

Mountains with snow

The Snowy Walk of What If

Rob Hopkins

A group of six of us, myself and five members of the ‘Enviro’ team at Patagonia, a clothing company who are the forefront of the pursuit of ‘sustainable’ clothing, are walking through the snow in the Bavarian mountains. Patagonia’s ‘sustainability’...

Our Time Balm

Vicki Robin

The temperature of anxiety is rising. Scratch the surface of more and more “normal” people and they spill out their concerns and how they are trying to cope. I wish I had some balm to offer for our times....

Why I spent Christmas on the Moon

Rob Hopkins

I spent most of this festive break on the Moon. I wandered amongst its vast craters, scaled its gently curving hills to get better views, sat on top of Moon boulders, left my footprints upon its fine grey dust....

Luther Bible

Repent – Another World is Possible

Vicki Robin

Repent? Really? Haven’t we graduated from the angry Father God of the Israelites? Who needs a rule book with a hundred or more prescribed prayers for every micro-action of the day, like brushing your teeth and putting on your...

Paper-Thin Resources

Asher Miller

We at Post Carbon Institute have been talking recently about the Butterfly Effect, the theory that small changes in complex, dynamic systems can wind up having huge impacts. But I’ve also been thinking a lot specifically about Monarch butterflies....