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Band-Aid Town: Season or Show Finale for Crazy Town?

June 3, 2019

Lucky number 13 marks the final episode of Crazy Town’s first—and possibly last—season. If you’ve been listening, then you probably noticed that Jason, Rob, and I had some fun creating this podcast. Hopefully you had some fun, too, listening,...

The Future is Rural on Go Green Radio

May 21, 2019

Dr. Jason Bradford, a farmer, biologist and board president of Post Carbon Institute, released a report earlier this spring called, The Future Is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification. In the report Dr. Bradford acknowledges that our...

We’re Failing Our Kids

May 10, 2019

Below is the video and transcript of an emotional talk I gave to parents and teens in my hometown, along with the list of 10 recommendations I made. Transcript Normally when I’m asked to give a talk on climate...

Creating a Sustainable Future

April 29, 2019

Click on the black box below to watch the video. Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources presented by Rob Dietz. This is the first in a new lecture series sponsored by the...