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Daniel Lerch is Publications Director of Post Carbon Institute, serving as lead editor and manager of the Institute's books and reports on energy resource constraints and community resilience. He is also the author of Post Carbon Cities (2007), the first major local government guidebook on the end of cheap oil, and founding chair of the Sustainable Communities Division of the American Planning Association.

Daniel has presented to professional, government, and public audiences across the United States and abroad, and has been interviewed for numerous media outlets including The New York Times and Business Week. He has a Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University in Oregon, and has worked with urban planning and sustainability issues for over fifteen years in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


Energy Geopolitics: Daniel Lerch

length: 1:07:52   credit: World Affairs Council of Oregon   Feb 29, 2012

Against the backdrop of European crisis and and high U.S. unemployment, what does the changing energy landscape mean for national and global economies in 2012? Daniel Lerch presents as part of the Great Decisions Series of the World Affairs Council of Oregon, February 2012.


Local Self-Sufficiency – Resilience, Transition and Simplicity

length:   credit: Businessmattersdownload   Mar 15, 2013

This week we talk about a movement that’s growing across the globe in response to the impact of how we humans are trashing the planet. Whether it’s our use of petrochemicals or the consequence of some of our food production practices or our insatiable appetite for stuff, we are consuming more resources than earth can provide.

Latest Publications

Resilient against what?

Daniel Lerch    Oct 16, 2013   

  read the report   take a short version of the survey In this era of climate change, we love talking about "resilience": New Orleans rebounding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005; Central Europe … >>

America's Feel-Good Oil Bonanza

Daniel Lerch    Jan 20, 2014   

Think back to early 2004. Oil cost around $40 per barrel1—on the high side compared to the previous few decades but not much out of the ordinary. Gasoline still cost under $2.00 a gallon for most of the country. The … >>

Resilient Against What?: How Leading U.S. Municipalities Are Understanding and Acting on Resilience

Daniel Lerch    Oct 16, 2013   

Resilience is often understood simply as the ability to “bounce back” from a single disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. This survey commissioned by Post Carbon Institute found that leading US municipalities … >>

The ENERGY Reader

Daniel Lerch

What magic, or monster, lurks behind the light switch and the gas pump? Where does the seemingly limitless energy that fuels modern society come from? From oil spills, nuclear accidents, mountaintop removal coal mining, and … >>

press coverage

Lerch quoted at BlueOregon

Daniel Lerch  

Post Carbon Program Director Daniel Lerch was quoted in this post about four Portland women involved in the Keystone XL protest at the White House. From the article: "All sorts of people are opposed to this pipeline, … >>