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Chris Martenson is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of (with Adam Taggart). As one of the early bloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance, Chris rose to prominence with the launch of his video seminar, The Crash Course, which has also been published in book form (Wiley, March 2011). He has given many public presentations and has appeared on various broadcast programs including The Street, PBS NewsHour, Yahoo!Finance Daily Ticker, and The Keiser Report. Prior to spending four years educating himself and developing the course and other materials to help individuals understand and take action, Chris was a Vice President at a Fortune 300 Company and spent over ten years in corporate finance and strategic consulting. He has a PhD in pathology from Duke University and an MBA from Cornell University.


Why a conservative economist moved to the country

length:   credit: Peak Prosperity   Jan 17, 2014

This summer, Paul Solman and a film crew from PBS Newshour visited the Martenson homestead to capture the message behind the Peak Prosperity movement.


Michael Shuman: The Benefits of Deploying Investment Capital Locally Vs Wall Street

length: 43:49   credit: Peak Prosperitydownload   Mar 25, 2014

The Federal Reserve and other central planners have worked overtime to lead the world back to "recovery" from the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. Using one of their main signaling indicators, they've succeeded: stock market indices are hovering near all-time highs.

But, as has been often discussed here, are we really better off for it?
In this week's podcast, Chris talks with Michael Shuman, author of  Local Dollars Local Sense: How To Move Your Money From Wall Street to Main Street & Achieve Real Prosperity. Shuman has written eight books on community economics and believes that deploying your investment capital locally offers the best financial return prospects vs investing it in traditional stocks and bonds -- plus yields an additional valuable community resilience multiplier that Wall Street doesn't.


Latest Publications

The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

Chris Martenson    Mar 20, 2014   

Buy the book This is a transcript of a conversation between Post Carbon Fellows Chris Martenson and Richard Heinberg, recorded for the Peak Prosperity podcast. Listen to the interview here.   TRANSCRIPT  … >>

Bill Ryerson: The Challenges Presented by Global Population Growth

Chris Martenson    Jan 02, 2013   

Originally posted at PeakProsperity At the heart of the resource depletion story that we track here at is the number of people on earth competing for those resources. The global population is more than 7 … >>

RESILIENCE: Personal Preparation

Chris Martenson    Jul 06, 2010   

EXCERPT: My “standard of living” is a fraction of what it formerly was, but my quality of life has never been higher. We live in a house less than half the size of our former house, my beloved boat is gone, … >>

The Crash Course

Chris Martenson

The next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty years. The world is in economic crisis, and there are no easy fixes to our predicament. Unsustainable trends in the economy, energy, and the environment have … >>

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Martenson interviewed at PBS

Chris Martenson  

Post Carbon Fellow Chris Martenson was interviewed at PBS on economics and energy. Read the transcript Watch the video >>