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The EIA is Seriously Exaggerating Shale Gas Production in its Drilling Productivity Report

David Hughes Apr 21, 2014   

The government's monthly “productivity” reports on US shale gas and tight oil are widely quoted by the media. But they greatly overstate actual production -- as the government's own statistics show. ... >>

The Catalytic Effect of Community-led Action

Rob Hopkins Apr 14, 2014   

One of the most fascinating recent studies into the impact of Transition was Local Communities Leading the Way to a Low Carbon Society, a report published by AEIDL (Association … >>

A Colorado Delta Community Reconnects with its River

Sandra Postel Apr 4, 2014   

On Tuesday afternoon, March 25, 2014, word got out that the river was coming. ... >>

Export Stupidity

Richard Heinberg Mar 27, 2014   

Congress is holding hearings this week on the possible lifting of a US oil export ban instituted in the 1970s to promote national energy self-sufficiency and has invited a number of … >>

This World Water Day, Something Big to Celebrate

Sandra Postel Mar 24, 2014   

On Monday, March 24, I leave on a trip to witness an event I never thought I’d see: the Colorado River flowing through its delta toward the sea. ... >>

Book Review: Snake Oil: how fracking's false promise of plenty imperils our future

Richard Heinberg Mar 24, 2014   

For those who thought the 'fracking' issue was just about water pollution and earthquakes, Richard Heinberg's Snake Oil might be a little perplexing. ... >>

Communicating climate change following extreme weather events

Rob Hopkins Mar 21, 2014   

An interview with George Marshall of Climate Outreach Network. ... >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: Our Harsh Winter Continues

Tom Whipple Mar 20, 2014   

Two weeks ago we discussed the impact that the polar vortex was having on our natural gas supplies and noted that our stocks of natural gas were already 500 billion cubic feet below where they … >>

The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

Richard Heinberg Chris Martenson Mar 20, 2014   

This is a transcript of a conversation between Post Carbon Fellows Chris Martenson and Richard Heinberg ... >>

A Favorite Massachusetts Stream Loses a Dam – and Gains Aquatic Habitat

Sandra Postel Mar 11, 2014   

In early January, on a visit back to my old stomping grounds in western Massachusetts, I trekked along the snowy banks of Amethyst Brook, a beautiful headwater tributary in the Connecticut River watershed. ... >>