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AFTERBURN: Richard Heinberg interview

April 10, 2015


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In 2003, his book “The Party’s Over: Oil, War & the Fate of Industrial Societies” turned Peak Oil from an insider worry to a popular movement. Twelve years and eight books later, Richard Heinberg is still the go-to guy for what’s happening with world energy – and there’s a lot happening right now.

Of course everyone wants to know what happened to Peak Oil and the way out of this fossil fuel mess. Richard gives us that update, and whole lot more, in his latest book just out, called “Afterburn, Society Beyond Fossil Fuels“.

As energy issues become more critically important to society’s economic and ecological survival, they become more politically contested; and as a result, they tend to become obscured by a fog of exaggeration, half-truth, omission, and outright prevarication.”

– Richard Heinberg, ‘Afterburn’

Interview by Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock

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