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What a Waste

Richard Heinberg

Our modern industrial economy traces a straight line from resource extraction to manufacturing to sales to waste disposal. Since Earth has finite resources and limited ability to absorb pollution, the straight-line economy is unsustainable; it is designed for eventual failure....


Living in the Concretaceous Period

Richard Heinberg

While biologists have long agreed that humans are the dominant lifeform of the Anthropocene, some geologists now argue that, during the pivotal Concretaceous phase, it was the automobile that served as the true apex species.


Buy Nothing Ever…er, I Mean Day

Asher Miller

Last year, Americans spent an estimated $5,000,000,000 shopping during the 24 hours that made up “Black Friday.” That’s over $208 million an hour or about $3.5 million a minute. I don’t have hard evidence for this claim, but my educated guess...

Forest floor flowers

Durable Goods

Stephanie Mills

Ed. note: The post below is a transcription of Post Carbon Fellow Stephanie Mills’ remarks at the 50 year anniversary of the publication of the Whole Earth Catalog. Gratitude to Mother Earth, ground of being. Gratitude to Stewart and...