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Why Sustainability?

Richard Heinberg

The following essay was written at the invitation of the curators, Çelenk Bafra and Paolo Colombo, for the catalog of the current special exhibit at the Istanbul Modern art gallery, Till It’s Gone: An Exhibition on Nature and Sustainability. The...

The Benefits of Localism

Michael Shuman

Interview of Michael Shuman by Steve Dubb, Director of Special Projects, The Democracy Collaborative. Originally published at community-wealth.org. Michael Shuman is an economist, attorney, and globally recognized expert on community economics. He is one of the architects of the...

Resilience Reflections with Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins

Resilience Reflections is a series at Resilience.org which connects with contributors to the site to find out what it is that inspires their work, and what keeps them going. Read more Resilience Reflections here including Sandra Postel. Rob Hopkins...