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The Big Picture

Richard Heinberg

It is only by pulling together that we can hope to salvage and protect what is most intrinsically valuable about our world, and perhaps even improve lives over the long term.

Are We Doomed? Let’s Have a Conversation.

Richard Heinberg

My most recent essay, in which I discussed a highly publicized controversy over the efficacy of plans for a comprehensive transition to an all-renewable energy future, garnered some strong responses. “If you are right,” one Facebook commenter opined, “we...

Staving Off the Coming Global Collapse

William Rees

‘Overshoot’ is when a species uses resources faster than can be replenished. We’re already there. And show no signs of changing. Humans have a virtually unlimited capacity for self-delusion, even when self-preservation is at stake. The scariest example is...

Meet the Guy Corralling Billionaires to Fight Inequality

Interview by Fran Korten In 1986, at the age of 26, Chuck Collins, the great-grandson of meatpacking giant Oscar Mayer, gave away his trust fund. He was working on forming community land trusts for affordable housing and helping mobile-home...

Why the Rich Should Reverse Inequality

Chuck Collins

An excerpt from the just released, Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good, reprinted by The Nation: The extreme levels of inequality in our society are...