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Crazy Town: A New Podcast from Post Carbon Institute

March 14, 2019

Although climate scientists have become messengers of the apocalypse, we keep burning fossil fuel like a kid lighting firecrackers on the fourth of July. Despite the fact that consumer-driven capitalism is beating the shit out of the biosphere, we keep pushing economic growth as the way to fix everything. And even though all of humanity has less genetic variation than the average flock of seagulls, we continue to abuse one another with racism, sexism, and any other -ism that can be rationalized with extreme feats of mental gymnastics. If you recognize controversies and hypocrisies like these, then you know what it’s like to live in Crazy Town. Laugh along with Asher, Rob, and Jason (mostly so you don’t cry) as they explore the back alleys, figure out how to navigate sanely, and even find an escape route every once in awhile.

Our first two episodes are available now—listen and subscribe on our website.