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Limits to Growth: Where We Are and What to Do About It

October 16, 2014

NOTE: Images in this archived article have been removed.

In this talk, Nate Hagens synthesizes the current landscape of global energy, environment and financial risks while offering suggestions on what to do as a hominid living on a full planet. He raises the question of whether it is possible to degrow our economies with conscious effort before our options are constrained by external forces. After a quick summary of the situation, he leads a conversation with the audience on appropriate responses to these challenges. Are large climate rallies accomplishing anything? If they aren’t, what is a better plan of action?

Recorded October 14th in Vancouver, BC

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  • Is it possible to download these slides (with appropriate citations/credits of course)? I have a Facebook page on sustainability (SAFE Cities) and my subscribers would be very interested in them. Thanks!

  • Unfortunately, there is NO solution to the problem of human destruction of the biosphere.  Anyone who suggests even the mildest, humanitarian but realistic solution is immediately called a Nazi, a twisted sociopath, etc.  For a long time now the White race has been working on genosuicide, whilst other types, such as fast-breeding peoples from non-White countries are emigrating to decadent Europe and North America to take over.  The idea that such peoples will continue high-tech civilization is laughable.  Most people who have followed the Peak Oil and environmental situation already know essentially everything that Nate says in his talk.  Although they dare not admit it even to themselves, they also know that, given the cultural inertia and dominance by consumption-promoting globalism, collapse is inevitable and will be perforce followed by war.  The winners will probably be nations that have no compunctions about using WMDs of all sorts to annihilate most of humanity.  Think of a technologically updated Communism, ISIL or North Korea.  The White man has already defeated himself with his various delusions, and has unilaterally surrendered in the evolutionary struggle for existence.  The civilization he has created will die with him.