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Bradford local food report quoted in article on drought

January 6, 2020

Post Carbon Board member Jason Bradford’s report, The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification, was quoted in this article at Insurge Intelligience on the threat of devastating drought due to past emissions.

From the article:

The transition to sustainable agroecological methods means much less emphasis on machines and fossil fuels, and more emphasis on people. A study in November published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems by a team of US food science experts, calls for recognition that “fossil fuel- and chemical-intensive management” must be replaced “with knowledge-intensive management.”
Translation: this means that “the greatest sustainability challenge for agriculture may well be that of replacing non-renewable resources with ecologically-skilled people, and doing so in ways that create and support desirable rural livelihoods.”

This is why, according to US biologist and farmer Dr Jason Bradford, President of the Board of the Post Carbon Institute (PCI), the future is rural. Bradford also authored a PCI report with this title earlier this year. We cannot feed the world within the current food system, he told me, because its goal is to “maximize profit instead of stewarding the earth and enhancing ecosystem services.”
In other words, the coming global food crisis is the symptom of a deeper problem, of an entire economic paradigm which is slowly unravelling.
In the future, therefore, a viable new food system will “be much more locally oriented, rely much more on labour as a factor of production, and cut out a lot of the energy intensity in the current system that goes into food processing and packaging,” said Bradford.