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A Deeper Look at the Energy Picture

October 31, 2012

Today, energy policy is everybody’s business, and everyone should understand the policy choices and trade-offs under discussion. Which energy sources cause the most damage to natural habitats and which produce the most greenhouse gas pollution? What are the health and economic ramifications of mountaintop-removal coal mining? Will new technology and renewables solve all our energy problems? Can efficiency keep pace with consumption in a growth society?

This document includes the complete text of Part I. A Deeper Look at the Energy Picture from The ENERGY Reader and ENERGY. (On the original book website energy-reality.org it was also presented a section titled “The Energy Picture”.) It includes these topics:

  • Introduction: Energy Literacy
  • Energy and the Scaffolding of Civilization
  • What Is Energy?
  • Net Energy
  • Energy Density
  • Embodied Energy
  • Energy Slaves
  • Energy-Fueled Population Growth
  • Energy-Fueled Economic Growth
  • Peak Oil and Resource Depletion
  • Energy Sprawl
  • Visual Blight
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Conservation
  • Efficiency
  • Curtailment Writ Large

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